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Susan is an excellent practitioner! She is professional, empathetic and a VERY powerful healer. Being well versed in healing arts myself, I was very impressed by her skills and got some relief from her TT and Reiki treatments quickly! Additionally, Susan is a lovely person, very caring and kind.  Debbie V

Susan is a well-grounded, multi-modality specialist with a soothing but powerful healing practice.  Her very presence is calming, and I have met with her in many different settings.  I can say I've immensely benefitted from Reiki, TT, and Hypnosis sessions with Susan.  Whenever we work together, I feel like a new person afterward--mentally, physically and emotionally.

Although I knew the realities of hypnosis, rather than the myths, the experience was different than I imagined--very powerful, very subtle.  Rather than reminding myself of a specific goal, I find myself subconsciously prompted one step at a time toward the goal, making it more flowing and less over-thought.  This unconscious prompting has been working in all my target areas. The suggestion to be more intuitive, rather than rational, worked--the effect in riding the subway alone improves my day, and that was one of the small goals.  Daniel M
I've known Susan for many years and she has helped me through many challenging moments in my journey with breast cancer.  She's kind, gentle and a phenomenal healer.  Susan is very intuitive and always seems to know what my body and mind need using Therapeutic Touch or Reiki.  Linda C