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About Susan Cutter

The path to becoming an energy healer didn’t reveal itself to me right away, but once it did it seemed a natural progression of my life’s work as a human resources professional. I have always been an intuitive and empathetic person and, for as long as I can remember, have found myself drawn to help those who are ill, troubled or suffering from disability. Once I discovered healing modalities like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and guided meditation, I knew I had found my place.

Through my Healing Arts services I am able to fulfill my mission and commitment to helping others heal. I offer my life experience, excellent training and hands-on experience, an ongoing commitment to skills development, as well as personal spirituality, intelligence, honesty, kindness and generosity of spirit.  If you wish to discuss underlying issues with me, I will listen and try to clarify problems.  I may make suggestions.  The goal is to restore your sense that you have some control over life issues and to support you in taking an active role in managing your stress, pain, illness or disability."


Susan Cutter had a successful career as a senior human resources and business operations professional, but wanted to be of greater service to those in need.  She began her formal evolution into an energy healer in 1999 when she completed her first course in Therapeutic Touch (TT) at the New York Open Center. Other TT courses and learning opportunities followed, as did Susan's commitment to expanding the reach of this gentle but powerful healing modality.

In addition to incorporating TT throughout her energy healing practice, Susan coordinates and mentors TT practitioners at the monthly TT Healing Group at the New York Theosophical Center.  She also leads a monthly Guided Meditation Healing Group in Queens.

In 2005, Susan began her study of Usui Reiki, completing Reiki 1 and 2 that year. She qualified as a Master/Teacher in 2010 and then became a Karuna Ki Master/Teacher in 2012.  She completed her Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master/Teacher in 2017.  However, due to health constraints, Susan rarely teaches Reiki.  Instead, she is happy to offer referrals to excellent teachers.  

Susan became an NGH certified Consulting Hypnotist in 2013. Her practice focuses on helping people to resolve everyday problems.  Hypnosis provides support for improved self-confidence, stress management, weight loss and motivation.  It is also excellent for pain management.


Susan has also maintained an active artist's life with work that reflects her love of nature and psychological perceptions. She builds emotion and rhythm with color, brushstroke and carefully placed imagery. Each painting engages and draws the viewer into a densely woven, colorful and rhythmic environment with images that are often dreamlike yet vividly colored as a bright, clear day.  They are at once bold and energetic as well as calming.

As with all of her life's experiences, her creativity  influences her work as a healer. 

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